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Company logo of Measurement in Motion

Measurement in Motion company logo

Sample 3D-scan: Bremen city center

3D-Scan der Bremer Innenstadt 3D-Scan der Bremer Innenstadt

The pictures above show the data of a 3D-Scan of the city center of Bremen that was recorded using 3D laser scanners. The geometry of the recorded objects is represented by a so-called point cloud that results from millions of single distance measurements.

The MiM3D-X1 System

Drawing of the MiM3D-X1 system on transparent background Drawing of the MiM3D-X1 system on colored background Photo of our prototype

CAD drawings and photo of the MiM3D-X1 system. Our main product is the first to enable autonomous 3D laser scanning of indoor environments with an accuracy that is competitive to scans on tripods.

Founding Team

Measurement in Motion founding team Measurement in Motion (black & white)

The team of founders (from left to right): Dr. Peter Janotta, Dr. Jan Elseberg, Prof. Dr. Rolf Lakämper

Technology Origin

The Irma3D scanning robot

The technology powering our mobile scanning systems evolved from research on the autonoumous navigation of robots. The Irma3D scanning robot depicted above was an early demonstration of the tranformation towards automated 3D scanning applications.

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