FLÜGGE program supports Measurement in Motion

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology officially supports Measurement in Motion via the FLÜGGE program, beginning October 2015.

FLÜGGE program logos

The jury therefore honors our technology as an enabler that has the potential to make an impact of politico-economic magnitude. The FLÜGGE program aims to accelerate the market launch and distribution of innovative technologies in order to secure and improve the international competiveness of the Bavarian economy. Measurement in Motion contributes to this endeavor by transforming cutting-edge research on mobile 3D laser scanning into commercial applications.

Our technology acts as a key enabler for Digital Factory Planing by capturing rigorous-quality 3D data under production conditions. Moreover, important industrial sectors like Mining, Nuclear Plant Deconstruction, Cultural Heritage Preservation and the monitoring of construction projects benefit from the technology to a great extend. Not only does our innovative recording process reduce costs, but also gives rise to completely new applications, due to significantly faster recording times.