Mobile Surveying in 3D

Mobile 3D surveying is one of our major areas of expertise. As the world-wide technology leader in mobile 3D laser scanning of indoor environments, we offer systems with unmatched recording speed, accuracy and ease of use.

The MiM3D-X1 system

The MiM3D-X1 system is a hightech solution for 3D surveying. It extends standard 3D laser scanners to allow for surveying in motion. As the system autonomously tracks its own trajectory, it can be transported by any means of transportation during the recording process without affecting measurement accuracy. This results in a 3D scanning process that is not only faster and extremely accurate, but is also more complete and intuitive.



Our surveying-in-motion process shortens recording times up to 95%. In addition, the continuous measuring process replaces multiple separated scans, as well as their time-consuming registration necessary for static solutions.



Our algorithms optimize point clouds to take advantage the full accuracy laser scanning offers. At the same time our surveying-in-motion approach captures geometries from many perspectives, capturing rich details with less shadowing.



Our measurement system tracks its movement autonomously. There is no need for preparations of the environment by markers or other extrenal positioning aids. It can be transported by carts, coveyor belts, robots and even cranes.