3D Quality Assurance Solutions

Our QA systems check objects for smallest irregularities. Geometry is recorded with sophisticated technologies achieving high accuracy results. Derivations from optimum are detected by our algorithms in a fully automated fashion.

According to the area of application a contour check or a complete match in 3D is performed. References can be provided in form of CAD drawings or automatically learned from real reference objects.

The systems detect even smallest derivations. Pose and size of objects or object features like drill holes are automatically tracked with accuracy up to mikrometer scale.

Objects of various form and size are supported - from few millimeters up to several hundred meters. Details of 1/10,000 the size of the object can be recognized easily. Sensors are handpicked with respect to the measurement task, e.g. dependent on surface properties.

We adopt our measurement devices to your problems or even develop specifically optimized custom solutions.